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Review of Augur of Shadows

Augur of Shadows: The Destined Series by Jacob Rundle


Grief-stricken seventeen-year-old Henri moves to New York City after he loses his father. He starts having vivid dreams that tell of things to come, and his visions lead him to meet a wise young man, Siméon, and to reconnect with an old friend, Etlina.

Henri and his friends, Siméon and Etlina, venture on adventures required to fulfill their intertwined destinies in order to bring forth a cataclysmic event to aid against the Primordial Evil.

With the guidance from otherworldly beings, Henri and his friends will do what is needed to ensure their success.

* * *

What would you do if you were asked to start the apocalypse? In Augur of Shadows, that’s the dilemma Henri faces when he starts seeing visions of the future. He sees destruction, loss, and otherworldly beings made of pure evil. And through the help of his friends Simeon and Etlina, as well as divine and spiritual assistance, the three Destined set out to begin the end of the world.

Augur of Shadows takes an event that most main characters and heroes try to prevent and twists it into the only viable solution for saving the world. The evil beings that Henri sees are far beyond what one would consider ancient, and their intent is to destroy the universe - one soul at a time. And the only way to stop these beings is by initiating the apocalypse. The plot that Jacob Rundle weaves around this theme is both innovative and exciting, with some twists that you wouldn’t expect.

I loved the passion with which Henri was written. He’s an extremely relatable character dealing with several close to home issues - and that’s even before he takes up his destiny as the Augur. Rundle does a great job delving into Henri’s thoughts and emotions as each new twist of fate arises, making the reader experience all that Henri does.

My only critiques for Augur of Shadows are that the writing comes across a bit slow and formal because of a lack of contractions, and in a few places I got lost during the action due to some flow and perspective skips. However, as a debut author, Jacob Rundle has nailed this exciting and powerful story, and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

* * *

Learn more about Jacob Rundle and grab your copy of Augur of Shadows here:

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