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Review of Stars over Abundance

Stars over Abundance (The Abundance Series: Book 4) by Shanna Swenson


Vivian Alexander — Hollywood’s Oscar-winning actress extraordinaire was “coerced” into coming to the Helping Heroes Ball by her manager, to make an appearance and save face after the interview that embarrassed her far more than she cares to admit. After all, she’s good at hiding her true feelings behind the radiant smile that’s made her famous. Well, she came, she saw, she made her appearance. Now it’s time for a quick and inconspicuous exit… until she sees a familiar face she never imagined she would.

Buck Jenkins — Retired football player / gridiron legend / playboy comes to the ball; for it’s a good cause, and being as he’s not too far from Dallas and all he really can’t pass up the opportunity — not when he’s been MIA from the limelight as long as he has now. It’s a good excuse to get out of town anyway, for a much-needed break from the grievous chaos ensuing his life at the moment. But he didn’t see the bombshell blonde starlet coming until she was directly in front of him. Now, his night just made a surprising turn for the best.

One unexpected night...

Two unsuspecting hearts...

Their paths inescapably intertwine and neither will come out unscathed.


This is book four of the Abundance series. Read my reviews for Abundance, Return to Abundance, and Escape from Abundance.

What happens when two attractive, lonely stars meet at a charity ball and make sparks fly? Drama ensues, southern romance blossoms, and new paths are discovered. This is the fourth installment of Shanna Swenson’s Abundance series, and as usual, characters from previous books are still in play in this starry sequel.

Vivian Alexander, movie starlet extraordinaire, has been called gorgeous, famous... and single. Despite a lifetime of fame, she’s starting to feel the clock ticking on creating a family. And just when she thinks her prayers won’t be answered, in walks Bobby “Buck” Jenkins, former pro football player. Buck, however, is battling his own problems, and his actions that night set the course for a turbulent and emotional story.

The two lean on each their during times of love and loss, and the friends they share in common — basically all of the previous Abundance crew! — push them together slowly as Buck and Vivian work through the results of their actions at the charity ball.

A reader can’t go wrong with any of Shanna Swenson’s Abundance books. What I love about each of these books so far is that they delve wholly into issues that many couples face — or may face in the future. Of course, the inciting incidents are usually fraught with danger or drama, but the way that each couple resolves their issues are relatable and honest. Buck and Vivian deal with loss, unexpected surprises, and career drama — all of which us everyday people experience. Shanna does a great job following both of their thoughts through first person points of view, exploring the emotions and consequences of every action they take. And, of course, all the romantic moments too!

It’s also fun how every previous couple introduced in the series stays around. Yes, many are related and live in the same area, but they all make significant appearances in Stars over Abundance to further the plot and hint at more to come in the next book.

All in all, another great installment in the Abundance series, and the final book — Abundance: Legacy — is out now! To learn more about Shanna Swenson and her Abundance series, check out her website:

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