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Review of The Haunting of Hattie Hastings

The Haunting of Hattie Hastings by Audrey Davis


A terrible tragedy leaves Hattie Hastings widowed and heartbroken.

But her late husband isn't about to take his demise lying down. Torn between delight and frustration, Hattie struggles to convince friends and family of her ghostly predicament.

Then there's also the small matter of best friend Cat's ex-husband trying to worm his way back into her life. And Hattie's both Hattie’s son, Johnny, and mum, Rachel have their own problems to face.

Bouncing between earth and the Afterlife, Gary discovers he has a mission. But what could it be, and his beloved wife be able to help?


“‘Til death do us part” has just taken on new meaning for Hattie Hastings. Following the sudden and sad death of her husband, Gary, Hattie is left making ends meet and supporting her adult son, Johnny. She isn’t, however, lacking in support during this difficult time - Hattie’s best friend, Cat, and Hattie’s family are there to console her. That is... until Gary returns as a ghost.

The Haunting of Hattie Hastings is a charming romantic comedy that hits on the importance of family and friendship, believing in the unknown, and self confidence. Davis’ smooth writing style and quick wit make for a fun-filled read.

First and foremost, I loved how this story wasn’t exclusively about Hattie dealing with the aftermath of her husband’s death. Of course, Davis spends ample time with her main character as Hattie overcomes grief, bewilderment, and embracing the future, but readers also experience several other degrees of influence - particularly Cat and Johnny. Those little glimpses into everyone else’s lives and the way they grow as characters created a well-rounded and uplifting story.

The way Davis shapes the Afterlife was a fun addition to Gary’s own transition. Not quite heaven, readers see him in a place where he learns that his influence on Earth isn’t quite over yet. Even as a specter, Gary finds that he’s able to shape his loved ones lives, and the lives of those a ghostly friend has left on Earth. The humor and compassion that Davis give Gary, despite his situation, created a wonderful character that you didn’t quite want to believe was gone.

The only thing I struggled with while reading The Haunting of Hattie Hastings was the English phrases and references - and by no means is this a mark against the author! I had to read a bit slower, taking time to look up terms and phrases I wasn’t entirely familiar with, just so that i wouldn’t lose the meaning of a scene or discussion between characters. Regardless, the writing was smooth and upbeat, and overall a good time.

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